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  1. Shipping 

    1. How much is my shipping?
    2. How long does it take for my order to be delivered?
    3. Do you ship orders from within the European Union (EU)?
    4. Do you deliver anywhere in the world?
    5. How come express shipping is cheaper than standard shipping for my order?
  2. Payment 

    1. What payment methods do you accept?
    2. Can I make a bank transfer to pay for my order?
    3. I could not complete my purchase. What should I do?
    4. How do I pay for a PayPal invoice?
    5. Can I pay in different currencies?
  3. Tracking 

    1. How do I track my order?
    2. How do I receive SMS delivery updates?
    3. What do the different tracking statuses mean?
    4. Do I receive an e-mail once the gi is finished and about to shipped?
    5. Please can you check the tracking for my order? It's been 5 days already without any news.
  4. Returns & Exchanges 

    1. Can I return an item?
    2. How do I exchange an item for a different size?
    3. If exchange is the best option, what would the costs and procedure to exchange the Gi jacket?
  5. Orders 

    1. What does "Your order has been updated" mean?
  6. Shin Guards 

    1. If I order a pair of Isami Shin Guards Pro Kickpads, will they look exactly like CM Punk's?
    2. Regarding the Isami Shin Guards Pro, what is the overall difference between the synthetic and the real leather in terms of quality? The price difference is steep between the two.
  7. Sizes 

    1. I want to order the Isami Double Weave BJJ Gi but do not know what size I should get. Can you help?
    2. I've been buying Isami gis through Chokesports for years. I wear a 3L in the jacket and 3 in the pants. What is the closest equivalent in the new size range? I'm interested in getting the Tora double weave. Any information would be helpful.
    3. I was wondering what size i would order if i were to get an isami sashiko gi in black. im 5'7" and weight 167. I am average build. what gi size would you recommend for pants and jacket while considering the shrinkage after washing them. thank you!
    4. I was looking at the Isami Double Weave a week or two ago and I have decided to go with it; however, I am kind of confused as to what size I need, I am 5'3" without shoes and 5'5" with shoes, and weight 150lbs, what size do you think is best for me?
    5. Hello. I am interested in the Isami Double Weave Gi. I am 168cm in height and 75kg in weight. Which size do you recommend?
  8. Embroideries 

    1. How long does it take to embroider my Gi or Belt?
    2. Is your embroidery done before the belt is made or does it show up on the opposite side?
    3. Can I return an embroidered Gi or Belt?
    4. Are extra embroideries already included in the price?
    5. What's the difference between embroidery Kanji Kyokushin Orange or Gold?
  9. Karate Gis 

    1. We are interested in purchasing Isami unbleached gis. Please let me know what process you follow for this type of purchase. We do not need the kanji embroidery.
    2. Does the Kyokushin-gi k-150b have pants with a drawstring waist?
    3. What is the difference between the Karate Gi K-500 Mas Oyama and the Kyokushin Gi K-300 Mas Oyama?
    4. I would like to know in what ounce weight the jacket and pants of the Isami K-200 Classic is fabricated? Jacket 12 oz? Pants 10 oz?
    5. Can I have the Shidokan Kanji embroidered on the Isami Gi?
  10. Custom Sizes 

    1. I'm a bit of an odd size: I'm 5' 11" and 290 lbs. So I'm an A3 in height and usually an A5 or A6 around. Would it be possible to make an Isami Double Weave BJJ Gi to those specifications? Also, what is the additional cost to customize a gi?
    2. I wanted to know how can I calculate the measurements for the Isami Custom Made BJJ Gi, both for the jacket and the pants. Should I take the measurements of my body and make a proposition?
  11. Loyalty Points 

    1. Do loyalty points expire?
  12. Discounts 

    1. Can you send me a discount coupon?
    2. Do you have discounts on purchases of two or more?
  13. Taxes 

    1. Are import taxes included in the price?
    2. My order status has been "In customs" for a week now. What am I supposed to do?
    3. I live in the UK and ParcelForce wants to charge extra to deliver my order. What should I do?
    4. Hi, I live in Italy, do you export isamis in Europe too? What about tax for shipping or trasport?
  14. Isami Kyokushin 

    1. Can I buy Isami Kyokushin merchandise?
    2. Can I buy World Kyokushin Jinzen Do merchandise?
    3. Can I buy Kyokushin-Kan merchandise?
    4. Can I buy Shin-Kyokushin merchandise?
    5. What is the diffrence beteween standard and matsui label?
  15. Wholesale 

    1. Do you have wholesale and if so what do you need from me so that way I can order from your site?
  16. Change Order 

    1. Is it still possible to change the belt size I ordered?
    2. Would it be possible to add something to my order?
  17. Belts 

    1. I cannot find the Isami BJJ Black Belt page anymore?
    2. What type of belt do most bjj blackbelts buy?
    3. I know the F-400 belt has 13 stitch lines but I was wondering if it was 2 inch wide?
    4. I like a thick belt so which option should i choose?
    5. I wanted to know if you will be restocking any of the Reversal Obi Street Wear Belts?
  18. BJJ Gis 

    1. What's the difference between the Tora and the Sashiko Isami Gis?
    2. How can I place an order just for a BJJ Gi jacket only? I want to order the JJ-420 hybrid gi- sashiko woven top and diamond weave bottom half of the gi.
    3. Hi. I would like to ask about the new Tora gi. Is it the same sizing and fit as the older double weave?
    4. Do you sell Isami BJJ Gi pants only without the Gi top?
    5. I ordered a custom Isami GI from your store a while ago. It was a blank -no patches- double weave white GI. I was checking your store and noticed that the exact same kimono now costs 100$, when before, when I bought it, it was 225$. The patches also have gotten cheaper. Is there a mistake, or is it some kind of a Christmas deal? Because it seems to me I have to order a new GI :))
  19. Rash Guards 

    1. Are RVDDW rashguards made with screen print or sublimated print?
  20. Labels 

    1. Does the Isami Hakama have the aikikai approved label on them?
  21. Patches 

    1. Is there a way that I can order the gi without the patches attached so I can get them put on later if I so choose?
    2. I cannot find the standard patches for the Isami Double Weave Gi anymore. How can I order my Gi with those patches?
    3. I understand I can buy clean Isami BJJ gi and patches separately. If i buy patches separately, I need to sew them on the gi myself right? Do I need special sewing machine? Or can I just use common sewing machine available?
    4. Do you still offer the service of sewing in the patches bought from your store?
    5. Is it possible to get the Isami Double Weave BJJ Gi with the Tora Gi shoulder patches?
  22. Pre-Order 

    1. Some RVDDW items I want haven't been released yet. Can I pre-order them?
  23. Company Information 

    1. Is your website secure?
    2. Are you based in Denmark or in Japan?
    3. What is
    4. Do you have a phone number I can call?
    5. Where is your Isami Shinjuku store located? Thanks!
  24. Washing Instructions 

    1. What are the washing instructions for the Isami Gis?
    2. Can I tumble / machine dry my new Gi?
  25. Sambo 

    1. Hi, I am planning to buy a Sambo uniform. But I need only red color. Do you have a red color sambo uniform? When I check out how to select the color?
  26. All articles 

    1. How much is my shipping?
    2. Is your website secure?
    3. Are import taxes included in the price?
    4. Do loyalty points expire?
    5. What are the washing instructions for the Isami Gis?
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